Sitraco relies on high-end technological equipment and highly qualified staff to honour its commitment in terms of productivity and service. Each technology that we use has been carefully selected to meet specific needs and to ensure maximum yield within the set deadlines. We combine quality and elegance in our products, which are built according to your specifications and design parameters.


Our optimization software for beam saws and imbrication allows nearly 100% of our wood products to be reusable in our production processes. This is about 10 to 15% more than the average market.

Our cutting-edge factory, which has been continuously optimized over the past 45 years, has been designed to minimize greenhouse gas emissions. A modernized LED lighting system in a 30,000-ft.² area and openings specially positioned for natural lighting reduce energy costs. The heat of the air compressors is used during the cold months, and the application of smart controls makes our factory eco-friendly.


Sitraco primarily delivers its products in North America and around the world. We maintain a close business relationship with our valued clients. Our service and prices and the quality of our products allow us to have a relationship of trust with them; from project to project, they refer us and choose us.

Our highly trained, committed, and experienced team of professionals will work with you from the start of the project to make it a guaranteed success!


Customer service and on-time delivery!

That’s why our valued clients are coming back project after project. Because at Sitraco, we deliver the goods!


Our high regard for quality translates into assurance mechanisms applied at each stage of the process, from production to delivery to installation.


Our firm commitment to safe environmental practices means that we uphold the highest ecological standards during production, delivery, and installation. We will also help earn points in your LEED projects by purchasing eco-friendly ULEF (ultra-low emitting formaldehyde) or NAF (no-added formaldehyde) materials.

Each year, we plant trees and install bird feeders to quickly regenerate flora and fauna. We will always do our best to reduce our environmental footprint, and we value the importance of investing time, technology, training, and financial resources to do so.